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Ruth Mullan Stained Glass comissionigs in Sussex


Firstly I would arrange and make a site visit to discuss your requirements and to make preliminary measurements. A visit to her studio is also an option where you can see glass samples and discuss thoughts and ideas.


I use email to correspond and discuss design requirements if you are not local, which also works well. Contact by phone to help discuss ideas is also part of the process. You will not be charged for the initial visit or design consultation. A ballpark quote may be given at this time however prices can vary according to the amount of work involved.


After the initial meeting, I will gather ideas together from different resources to start the design process. A quote will then be submitted at this time.


Once I have a few ideas to work with these will then be worked on to present to you in the form of small scale colour sketches. At this point, 30% of the total amount quoted will be required. Another site visit will be needed to check the measurements of where the stained glass panel is to be situated.


From the approved sketch a full-size drawing, known as a cartoon, will be made and amended if necessary at this point. Choosing the glass for the panel now takes place and before the glass cutting starts an agreement of which glass to be used is made. This can be done by you visiting the studio or visiting you with glass samples or if you are at some distance they can be sent by post.


The glass cutting then begins, any glass painting is done and then fired in a kiln. Now the panel is ready to be leaded and then cemented. Please allow 3-6 months, depending on the complexity of this process to be completed.


Installation can be arranged if you are not fitting them yourselves, payment will need to organsied be between you and the fitter.


Stained Glass Art Commissions undertaken:

  • Windows

  • Window Hangings

  • Art Pieces

  • Leaded Lights

  • Kiln Fired Stained Glass Painting

  • Restorations

  • Door Panels

Ruth Mullan Stained Glass Art Commissions
  • Can you design my panel for me?
    I am are happy to design your panel for you. However, I would do this in conjunction with the client, in order to gain an insight into preferred colours and styles.
  • How is the window fitted?
    The panel will be waterproof on delivery, this is achieved by using a glazing cement during construction. This essentially means you could use it as a stand alone single glazed panel. Alternatives to this option could be to simply mount the glass panel to the inner surface of an existing window pane or have a triple glazed unit made that contains the stained glass panel within.
  • Do you fit the window?
    Unfortunately at present we are unable to provide this service but we are able to advise you on local fitters.
  • How much does stained glass cost?
    As you may expect this is not an easy question to answer due to size and design variation. Throughout the industry prices can vary depending on the intricacy. I am very happy to have a chat and work out the costings for you.
  • Do you deliver my panel and how much will it be?
    I use a tracked courier service to deliver your panels. I will deliver local and love seeing the end project. ​ Costings, I tend to provide a quote + delivery as this is hard to determine until the final size and weight of the shipment is known.
Ruth Mullan stained glass artist
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